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At Betyep, we believe that anyone with the right information can become a sharp bettor. Hence, we have compiled fundamental betting guides for beginners and prolific punters. Our online guides to bet and win will walk you through the essential and crucial betting strategies. Here, you will find comprehensive ‘how-to guides’. Our articles cover varying topics, from how to sign up at the best online sportsbooks to how to place an arbitrage bet, and much more.

We have put in the work to ensure you have an easy ride. Let’s get started!

Betting Guides

Every week you will be able to enjoy the latest betting tips from the biggest sports and leagues. Here at Betyep you will read expert tips from expert tipsters, with odds, their thoughts, as well as their expert opinions.
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Here at Beyep we are your one-stop platform for all online betting guides. Regardless if you are a beginner or advanced player, we have tons of adept reviews tailored to suit players at different levels.
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Read our comprehensive betting terminology guides which you can use as reference while you bet. Terminologies are the first thing you need to know and understanding the vocabulary is essential to place informed wagers.
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Having no betting strategy is the easiest way to lose money as a punter. With our guides, you will identify specific techniques that suit you. Read our betting strategy guides to avoid unnecessary losses.
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Before you pick the right sportsbook, it’s important that you read our expert sportsbook betting reviews first. Using a sophisticated rating system, and only honest opinions, you get an genuin insight before you sign up and start betting.
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World Cup Qatar 2022 – Everything You Need to know

Visit our official World Cup Qatar 2022 hub page. Here we will provide you with the latest news about the tournament, both before and during. You will be reading in depth betting guides and predictions, experts betting tips as well as round-ups on daily bases. Enjoy!

World Cup Qatar 2022 – A complete Guide
Visit our main FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 page to enjoy the latest information about the tournament, the teams, betting predictions and tips!
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Betting Guides: Terminology

As a beginner, betting terminologies are the first thing you need to know. Understanding the vocabulary is essential to place informed wagers. Typically, the common terms used in sports betting can be learned in a matter of a minutes, and they will come in handy for years. 

Additionally, the main betting terms you should seek to master are those related to odds and placing bets. Examples of such terminologies include ACCA, odds, overlay, and  parlays. Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to more advanced betting glossary terms. We have put together a comprehensive betting terminology guide which you can use as reference.

Betting Guides: Strategies

Having no betting strategy is the easiest way to lose money as a punter. The one attribute that separates a successful bettor from an unsuccessful one is the implementation of gambling strategies. So why are they so important? Notably, sports betting is unpredictable and having a concrete plan can help in getting value for your bets. With our guide on online betting, you will identify specific techniques that suit you. In the long run, you can develop a unique wagering model that fits your budget and risk appetite.

Some of the popular betting strategies include the Martingale Method, Kelly Criterion and Matched betting. Nevertheless, these systems are not one-size-fits-all, and some work great for football and others in hockey.


We have compiled a list of the best football betting guides for beginners and advanced punters. Martingale is one of the most successful football betting techniques. Other approaches to use when planning to bet on football include Asian Handicap Strategy and Double Handicap.


To help boost your chances of winning, we have provided in-depth betting analysis of some profitable hockey tips. These include the Gifen system, Martingale vs Draw strategy, and favorites betting. As a beginner, betting in on a favorite is an excellent option since you only need to predict the winner.


Tennis offers many opportunities for profitable betting techniques. Some of our long-tested strategies that are easy to learn include Shchukin’s strategy, matched betting, and arbitrage betting.


For our Greyhound fanatics, we have put together greyhound racing strategies to help maximize your profit potential. From our guides to online betting, you will learn about hedging your bet, arbitrage, and finding the value bet.


Check out our extensive articles on placing winning bets on esports tournaments. The betting guides provide various esports wagering tips and strategies that work for beginners and experienced bettors.  These include handicap and outright wagers.

Betting Guides: All You Need to Know  – From Beginners to Advanced

Accessibility of expert betting guides on one platform relieves you of the hustle of scrolling through numerous websites days on end. Here at Betyep, we are your one-stop platform for all online betting guides. We have tons of adept reviews tailored to suit players at different levels. Furthermore, as a beginner, we have bet guides on getting started, choosing the best betting sites, and common gambling mistakes to avoid. If you are interested in betting on football, hockey, tennis, or esports, we’ve got you sorted.

For our advanced punters, we have a range of sports betting guides to help harness your gambling skills. Some of the topics covered include line shopping, betting with spread, and placing arbitrage bets. Our guidelines are simplified to help you understand the statistical analysis behind every bet. We also provide informative insight on a multitude of betting angles depending on your preferred sports betting market.

Betting Guides: Free Bets & Bonuses

We’ve put together comprehensive online betting guides on bonuses and promotional offers. We highlight the best sportsbooks with free bets and bonuses. Our experts thoroughly review the bonuses to ensure we only recommend the best. Moreover, we explain the terms and conditions, including wagering requirements, time limits, and withdrawal limits. 

Additionally, we have step-by-step guides on how to claim and use the free bets and other bonuses. Thus, with our betting guides, you will find reliable tips to help you get the best possible returns from online sports betting bonuses.

A Complete Betting Guide to Bet and Win

Sports betting is not rocket science, but you need the right strategies to bet and win. We will guide you through every step of the way from beginner to advanced level. Our bet guides are also tailored to help you learn how to bet and win, where to bet, and the various types of wagers you can make. The key to successful sports betting is finding a style that works for you. Thus, this is why we present the best and most promising strategies that will help increase your betting profits over time.

Betting Guides: Frequently Asked Questions

Sports betting is safe as long as you sign up at a regulated and licensed sportsbook. In our guide to betting, we have listed the best sportsbooks and highlighted fraudulent platforms to avoid.

Sports betting works in a seamless and straightforward way. The first step is to sign up at a recommendable betting site. Then fund your account, decide which market you wish to bet on, and place your wager. In our bet guides, we have covered every step of your betting journey, from selecting the best bookie to withdrawing your winnings.

Firstly, fund your betting account and then identify the most promising betting markets to wager on. If you are not sure of the best bets to exploit, you can check our guide on how to win and bet on football. Finally, place your prediction and enter the amount you wish to stake.

To claim a welcome bonus, you are required to sign up and fund your account. With other promotional offers for existing players, you only need to meet the set T&Cs to qualify. We have several betting site tips on the best sportsbooks for free bets and bonuses that you can check out.

Successful betting requires both luck and skill. While some people win several games and even jackpots out of luck, this is not always a long-term strategy. Honing your betting skills is the best way to remain consistent, and hope that luck will be on your side. Our sports betting guides are aimed at helping you develop your skills.

Unlike conventional sportsbooks, betting exchanges allow you to bet directly against other punters. Such marketplaces are popular because they offer more attractive odds. This is because they are a free market controlled by punters.

There is no guaranteed way to always win at sports betting. Even professional bettors don’t have winning percentages higher than 60%. Nevertheless, you can increase your chance of winning by having a proper betting strategy.

While it is a matter of preference, you lose nothing when you claim these offers. With free bets and bonuses, you get additional bankroll, allowing you to place more bets or increase your bet size. On the other hand, it would be best to note the terms and conditions since some can be pretty restrictive.

Sports betting is not difficult, but winning consistently requires a lot of work. This includes studying the players, teams, and game statistics. You also need to understand the odds and learn how to find valuable betting opportunities.

Absolutely! Sports betting is a great pastime that does not require you to stake a lot of money. Additionally, you can earn real cash from betting with practical strategies, making it worth the investment.

With online betting, you have access to an incredible number of sports and market varieties. Some popular sports to bet on include football, horse racing, tennis, cricket, basketball, and esports. Our comprehensive guide to online betting will help you choose the best sports for you.

Online betting is saturated with different sports; therefore , you can explore thousands of betting markets. However, single bets are the easiest to bet since you only need to focus on one match/team at a go. This gives you enough time to research and understand the vital statistics.

The best time to bet is when you have the ultimate chance to land a win. Some bettors prefer betting on early lines, while others value placing bets before the game starts. Moreover, in-play bets are also one of the trends that can be profitable if you are lucky to find valuable odds.

Hedging is an advanced strategy used by professional punters to help minimize their exposure to potential loss. In this case, you will have to place a second bet against the original wager.